10Pcs/Pack 3D Self-Adhesive Brick Wallpaper

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Introducing our 3D Self-adhesive Brick Wallpaper

Adding brick wallpaper is the best interior design you can do for your house. You can add the wallpaper to all the four walls of your room or have one feature wall, which will have different brick wallpaper designs. Brick wall wallpaper has been properly developed to become an authentic charm, which is now been witnessed in inner-city apartments and also rural cottages. This is so because brick style wallpaper complements both modern and traditional furniture perfectly. Due to this, brick wallpaper is the ideal choice when looking for an interior design guaranteed to be the talking point amongst your guests.

Why Brick Wallpaper?

Brick wallpaper features a transforming texture, a structured charm, and effortless elegance. These factors make such a wallpaper alluring and timeless, some good reasons why you should use brick wallpaper.

Why Choose our Brick Wallpaper?

Our Brick Wallpaper is Durable: it is quite long-lasting and can also withstand conditions in high traffic areas, and wear and tear from kids. While it might require some extra knowledge to apply perfectly, a good brick wallpaper is made to last for over 10 years.

Our Brick Wallpaper is Perfect for Hiding Imperfections: In case you want to hide imperfections in your wall such as when it is cracked, uneven or damaged, brick wallpaper can be of great benefit to you. Our Brick wallpaper is able to go several steps further than any other wallpaper due to its great ability to disguise flaws. Therefore, erecting a brick wallpaper can consume lesser time and resources than having to fix all imperfections on your wall.

Material: PVC
Color: White, Grey, Black, Red Brick, Black Brick, Coffee Brick
Size: 35*38cm
Quantity: 10pcs
Package included: 10 x 3D wallpaper

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