4Pcs Chalk Fabric Marker

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These chalk fabric markers are cleaner and more precise than tailor's chalk, allowing you to produce very fine and precise chalk lines on different types of fabrics.




Main Features:
  • These chalk are great for use on all kinds of fabrics, including on difficult-to-mark fabric types. Easily over knit and jersey pieces without dragging or snagging. 



  • These temporary fabric markers have a toothed metal wheel. The chalk can be evenly distributed on all fabrics.



  • They never need to be sharpened, they don't fade or rub off, yet they are easy to remove for finishing your projects. 



  • The round, ergonomic pen barrel and the small wheel give you the maneuverability to draw straight, curvy or detailed lines, even on difficult-to-mark fabric types.



  • The powdered chalk comes in 4 colors. Having more than one color at your disposal when marking fabrics of different hues ​and prints.




  • Pack Include:1 x Yellow,1 x White,1 x Red ,1 x Blue.
  • Size:5 x 1 x 1 inches.
  • Weight:0.634 ounces.