6 Shot Glass Dispenser & Holder

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Having some friends over that like to take shots?

Always make a mess and pour uneven shots?

Looking to fill up multiple shot glasses at once for an impatient crowd?

Introducing the 2-in-1, Shot Glass Dispenser & Holder, the easiest way to get the party going

This amazing product allows you to quickly fill six shot glasses and serve your guest's favorite drinks to them, all in a matter of seconds! Never have your friends wait around impatiently again

Back by popular demand after selling out, This shot dispenser is the perfect way to spice up your next gathering

Turn Your Party Up

This unique Shot Dispenser is destined to turn heads at Christmas parties

It has never been this easy to create crazy concoctions

Step Your Game Up

Here's how it works, you place your shot glasses under the 6 funnels

Pour your favorite drink of choice up at the top

Voila! It dispenses your liquid gold into all the shot glasses below and boom, you have shots for six people in under 6 seconds

Watch the delight on your guest's face as you lift the dispenser and perform mini bottle service, bringing them their delicious drinks!

Shots For Everyone

  The perfect gift for your Tequila loving best friends

   Earn bragging rights as the best party host ever, almost overnight

   Ladies night, Guys night, or kickbacks with your friends, anyone can use it


12.3cm x 13.2cm

Shot Glass Size

Height: 7.2cm 

Diameter: 4.5cm

Volume: 30ml


Spice up your next party with this Shot dispenser

Pour up 6 glasses almost instantly to get the party going right

  • An immediate eye-catcher at your next party
  • The perfect gift for your (of age) loved ones!

3D Printed from eco-friendly Material



Manufacturing:  3D Printed from eco-friendly PLA
Materials: PLA is a 3D printing plastic made from corn-starch or sugar cane. It is 100% biodegradable, and non-toxic. 3D printed products made with PLA. Durable, strong, and to last you a while

In The Package

1 x Shot Glass Dispenser With or Without Shot glasses depending on your selection 


Handwash only. Lukewarm water & mild soap is advised to clean the product

Item details: Handmade
Material: 3D Printed PLA

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