Adjustable Double Shoulder Posture Corrector

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Soft, comfortable, and made to support your posture and back, this adjustable double shoulder posture corrector is made with eco-friendly bamboo fabric.

  • Breathable materials, to ensure year-round comfort
  • Helps to support good posture
  • Stabilizes and restricts movement after an injury
  • Compression, to increase blood flow
  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo materials

What many aren’t always aware of is that poor posture can often be to blame for a number of concerns with the neck and shoulders. Your recurrent headaches could very well be due to your posture. This adjustable double shoulder posture corrector has been designed to serve several purposes, including helping to improve the way you sit and stand. Made from breathable materials, you’ll be cool and comfortable no matter what time of year you slip this on. The slim design ensures that you can comfortably and discretely wear the posture corrector under even a t-shirt. If you are struggling with a shoulder injury that needs to be stabilized and kept from moving, you’ll also find that this adjustable piece will help to provide just what your shoulder needs.