Anti-theft Foldable Bicycle Lock

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Is your bike as secure as you think it is? Over 350,000 bikes are stolen each year!

Worry no more!!  Experience peace of mind with the world toughest bicycle lock that keep your bicycle safe at all time.

Made from 3 layers of HRC45 heavy-duty steel that is durable and lightweight, this nearly indestructible bike lock will make thrives shutter with fear. It’s the ultimate guard dog for your bike! 

The product has been tested under many tests. The chain are nearly unbreakable using cutter and it is anti-shock resistant from hammer. Key hole has been hardened to protect the locked damaged from drilling tool.

Why Choosing Our Bicycle Anti-theft Foldable Bicycle Lock?

HRC45 Hardness Standard  

Our Bicycle Anti-theft Foldable Bicycle Lock is build with steel allow with HRC45  Hardness, which can withstand 

The chain link are harden with HRC45 industrial standard and with 3cm thick which make it strong almost uncutable with normal cutter. It can also withstand from strong impact from hammer or drill.
The rivets are sealed and full protected with steel alloy . It cannot be damaged easily by screwdriver or hammer.

Secure and Durable Lock

Anti-theft Foldable Bicycle Lock is waterproof and stainless steel. It is designed to anti-theft in mind, where lock is durable and rain-proof.

Small but Mighty

Forget about messy and ugly traditional bicycle lock and chain! 

Our Anti-theft Foldable Bicycle Lock is  stylish, lightweight and it is foldable and space-saving too!. It can fit into your palm.  Not only that we are now giving you mounting bracket for FREE.  Simply fit the mounting bracket at the any 


We make the bicycle lock easy foldable and easy to be stored and mounted securely . 

Chain Lock vs Traditional U-Locks

One of the advantages of chain locks (over u-locks) is that they greater length gives you a wider range of objects to secure your bike to  lock your bicycle on tree truck , lamp pole, gate door or even lock 2 bicycle together. 


Sleek and stylish

Anti-theft Foldable Bicycle Lock is sleek and easy detachable from secure mounting kit, you can mount the mounting kit anywhere you like. It can be fold, or use conveniently in matter of seconds.


How to Install



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