Aurela Rozen Teddybeer (25cm)

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Let the heart melt

The rose symbolizes love, beauty and dignity. It is a luxurious and romantic flower. It's a sweet gesture for your partner, but it's a bit old-fashioned, don't you think? Don't think about it , Aurela Rose Teddy Bear (25cm) will melt any heart!


Eternal Love

An eternal gift, like love for a partner. This is the purpose of Aurela Rose Teddy Bear (25cm). The carefully hand-made artificial roses will not wither . This allows the teddy bear to be kept forever!


The size of the Aurela Rose Teddy Bear (25 cm) is impressive. An original gift, full of 25 cm tall roses. The bear is packed in a beautiful and suitable box. With this, every partner will be surprised! Special gifts for special people.




✅Romantic gift -a gift full of roses that symbolize love. 

unique - many cute teddy bear rose shape, unique and surprising.

never - artificial flowers will not wilt. Then you can enjoy it forever.