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Avocado Water Dispenser is your best choice for an automatic pet waterer! The ultra-quiet & low consumption pump brings barely no noise during days and night. The filtered water meets human health standards, thanks to a high-density microporous mesh and a non-woven fabric which filtrates particles and dust! 


Water Shortage Reminder: When the water line is too low, the red light reminds you to refill water for your pet.

See Through Window: The window allows to directly see the water line without opening the cap.

Ultra Silent:  Silent pump technology runs below 38dB, noice free during days and nights.

2000ml Capability: Big capability lasts one week for cats and 5 days for small & medium sized dogs. 

4-Layered Filter: The pet dispenser is equipped with a high-density microporous mesh, a coconut-shell carbon which provides flavorful taste, a non-woven fabric which filtrates particles and dust.