Baby Visual Early Education Cards

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Between the ages of 0 and 3 is the golden age for baby brain developmentActivate the baby's visual nervous system through black and white cards and color cards promoting whole brain development and matching light and shade, perception of graphics.

Improve observation, curiosity, and the ability to exploreIt's great for your baby's vision development and brain development!


  • Stimulate the brain: stimulate the development of the brain through interesting educational activities for babies. And help focus with high-contrast flashcards.
  • Black and white images: Studies have shown that babies are more likely to react to contrasting black and white images, This makes this book ideal for young eyes.
  • High-quality materials: Appreciate the outstanding quality and practical design. The double-sided and oversized cards are made of thick cardboard and present contrasting illustrations based on the baby's vision.


      Main material: paper
      Product size: 5.7in*5.7in*2.8in
      Product weight: about 102g
      Applicable age: young children (0-3 years old)
      Product packaging: color box
      Package Included: 16*Baby Visual Early Education Card