Blue Light Therapy Treatment Set

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Therapy Cream is infused with anti-swelling agents which penetrate under skin rapidly to treat both the appearance of painful and swollen veins and the itching and inflammation caused.

Blue LED Light works to soothe inflammation and redness, the deep shade penetrates the skin further to prompt cellular repair and circulation, resulting in plumper, smoother and healthier legs.

This set is a dual-performance therapy treatment, when used together, the healing process will be accelerated and results will be noticeable in a shorter time.


Formulated with a blend of herbal active ingredients to flush out toxins and promote lymphatic drainage straight from the pores, reducing signs of inflammations, swelling and pain.

Strengthens underlying tissues to avoid appearance of broken & swollen capillaries.

An even stronger sense of effectiveness is achieved through use of Blue LED Light.


Blue light therapy delivers a concentrated pulse of light and penetrates deep into the skin, generating heat and damaging the walls of the clogged vein. The blood flow will be improved and clogged bad blood will be discharged.

Blue Light pushes Therapy Cream’s ingredients into deeper skin layers, the ingredients are better absorbed, maximizing healing effects.


Pen Powered By: AABattery x 1 (Not included)

Cream Size: 20G

Cream Shelf Life: 24 Months


1x Blue Light Therapy Pen

1x Therapy Cream