Blue Sapphire Peacock Vintage Ring

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This gorgeous sterling silver ring is perfect for a person with a flare for vintage jewelry. The Blue Sapphire Peacock Vintage Ring features an oval blue sapphire as its centerpiece, encircled by small round white diamonds that catch the light gloriously and radiate life!

From cornflower blue to velvety blue, there are multifarious shades of blue sapphire that gives it a silky tint.  Characterized by the power of Shani or Saturn, Blue Sapphire displays violet to indigo and pale blue as well as dark royal blue colors.

A crystal that preserves the vitality of life, Sapphires also enhance the psychic connection of the wearer as it is a wind element stone. Opening your mind to the cosmic consciousness is the key trait of Sapphires and it does so to invigorate powers of extrasensory perception, clairvoyance and enlightenment.

Main Stone: Simulated Sapphire
Shape\pattern: Oval
Style: Vintage