BoxBandz Advanced Resistance Bands (Set of 4)

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A complementary product to our BoxBandz - Full Body Resistance Trainer

Make your training more intense by adding even more resistance to your BoxBandz - Full Body Resistance Trainer. Each band provides 40 lbs of resistance that will make any movement more challenging. The extra resistance will have you pushing yourself as you train harder, resulting in more strength, explosiveness and power. 

Our Bands can be used with the upper/lower body clips on the BoxBandz  belt and also in between your feet to make lateral movements even tougher!

Ready to unlock your inner beast? Grab a set of our Bands and take your training to the next level!

BoxBandz Resistance Bands are made from high-quality latex that feature a protective fabric covering. 

Package Contents:

4 x BoxBandz 40 lbs Resistance Bands

Resistance level: 40 lbs per band, a total of 160 lbs of resistance in each set.
Length: The shorter arm bands measure 35cm in length while the longer leg bands measure 48cm in length.