ButtLift Ladies Magnetic Bracelet

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Get The Full Butt You’ve Always Wanted!

Is your flat butt bringing you down? As you age, your butt may flatten and lose shape due to lower amounts of fat in the buttocks. You may wish to both get in shape and add shape to your derriere, not only to improve your appearance, but also to enhance your overall well-being. In fact, strong gluteal muscles can help you develop better posture, increase mobility, and avoid injury.

Experience a safe, natural way to enhance your feminine curves and get that plumper, tighter and firmer butt of your dreams with this ButtLift Ladies Magnetic Bracelet! This all-natural magnetic therapy improves your cells’ ability to store more lipids inside them to give your butt a fuller appearance.

The natural stimulation of acupuncture points triggers the skin to rebuild volume and boosts collagen production while reducing the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles to make your butt look smoother and firmer. It is specifically working to facilitate female hormones to uplift both your butt and tits to give you maximum results without causing any additional weight gain to other parts of your body.


  • Sexier Butt - It stimulates acupuncture points that triggers the skin to rebuild volume and boosts collagen and makes your butt look smoother and firmer. 

  • Fast Results - You will start noticing a difference on your rear end's shape within weeks of continuous use.

  • Practical - No more need for butt pads, booty lifter shorts or expensive pills to get the butt you’ve always wanted
  • Non-invasive & Safer - This is a safe and effective alternative to dangerous and costly surgery or implants without any side effects
  • No Weight Gain - Targets your backside area to give your butt a natural boost without causing overall weight gain
  • Smoother Buttocks - Not only will your behind grow larger, but cellulite appearance is also reduced from using this amazing cream
  • Promotes Better Blood Circulation - Facilitates aids in the natural process of your circulatory system, strengthening your physical and also emotional health. 


  • Materials: Premium Zinc Alloy
  • Available Colors: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Black

Package Includes:

  • 1 x ButtLift Ladies Magnetic Bracelet