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CalmDen  soothing bed is designed with the mother's warm and sense of security fur as a starting point. The nest guarantees a refreshing, peaceful and good night's sleep for your pet. Thanks to its round shape, this nest is perfect for pets who like to curl up! The raised hem creates a sense of security and supports the head and neck, while a very soft padding relieves joint and muscle pain.

CalmDen   is comfortable, flexible and finished with the great-feeling Faux Shag Turkey. The structure of the product is self-heating and it reminds your pet of a mother's coat! Your pet will be able to dig into the nest, making for itself a perfectly comfortable cavity. Dreams are perfect, peaceful, contributing to the overall well-being of your pet.

CalmDen  fits seamlessly into the interior of any room! The product has a dirt and water repellent base that prevents messes from entering your floor

CalmDen  is made of 100% safe materials for your pet. Durable nylon and luxurious faux fur together form a practical and comfortable whole.

Size and Color:  Several different options. See the recommendation in the table below

Washing and drying:

- The bed can be machine washed with a gentle program (hand wash program, max. 30 degrees. No spin). 

- Do not put the bed in the dryer. To dry, place the bed on the clothes rack so that the bed is flat and the air circulates in all directions. Do not dry so that air cannot circulate, eg on the floor over underfloor heating.