Citrine Money Tree for Prosperity - Feng Shui Gemstone Ornament

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When chi flows freely, wealth luck follows.

But if you feel like feng shui energy is not flowing smoothly in your home, this citrine money tree may be of help!

The “Citrine Money Tree Gemstone Ornament” is used to enhance the feng shui energy of wealth in any space.

Crafted with real citrine crystals, this gem tree is said to clear blockages that prevent chi from flowing. By moving stagnant energy, it creates a welcoming place for wealth and abundance!


Citrine Tree Features

  • Energy-enhancing feng shui tree. Used to balance life force energy (chi), improving various areas of life.
  • Made of citrine crystals. Said to manifest desires, attracting success, luck, and abundance.
  • Small gemstone tree ornament. Great display on shelves/tables near the front door.
  • Handcrafted with fine details. A thoughtful gift perfect for house-warming parties, weddings, and grand openings.


Citrine Tree – Feng Shui Enhancer for Wealth

In feng shui, the citrine crystal tree is placed in the southeast sector of your home or workspace to encourage the flow of money energy.

Citrine is a stone famed for its energy to manifest desires. As the “Lucky Merchant’s Stone,” it is said to bring success and abundance to any establishment.

As a feng shui money tree, citrine helps create a positive environment to welcome prosperous energy into your space. With its leaves representing the five feng shui elements of fire, earth, water, wood, and metal, this tree ornament balances chi for a happier life.


Real Citrine Money Tree for You

Featuring natural citrine crystals for its leaves and the feng shui money bag as its base, this citrine money tree is a must-have feng shui enhancer for wealth.

If you need help stimulating the flow of money energy in your space, get a feng shui citrine money tree now!


Aligning your intentions: Use wealth-drawing affirmations such as “I am a powerful money magnet” to align with the crystal tree’s energy.


Feng Shui Tree Details

  • Item Type: Gemstone Tree Feng Shui
  • Material: Natural citrine, copper wires, resin
  • Size: 7.48” (19cm, size may vary)
  • Where to place: Southeast sector
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