CleverWipe - Chiffon en nanofibres

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No effort, no problem, just easy cleaning...

Cleaning has never been easier and straightforward . Whether it is wet or dry, this towel can be used on any surface and does not require any chemical cleaners to ensure the best results .

The secret lies in the revolutionary NanoScale technology , which is inspired by the design of fish scales.

It is different from any other cloth you have used before.

Wipe perfectly, no trace

Are you tired of leaving traces or fluff with ordinary mops or microfiber cloth?

The CleverWipe nano fiber cloth to prevent this situation.

Thanks to the high-quality polyester fabric, only one wiping cloth is needed to achieve lint-freeFree and streak-free results .

Super absorbent and durable

Due to its unique fabric structure, our CleverWipe nanofiber wipes up to 10 times longer than traditional wipes and absorbs up to 7 times its own weight of dust and liquid .

Suitable for any surface

☑️ polished mirrors and glass ☑️ absorbing spillage even stubborn stains ☑️ drying dishes and kitchen utensils ☑️ E wiping a work surface ☑️ cleaning windows, laptop computers and television ☑️ dust ☑️ etc.

Order your CleverWipe nanofiber wipes now and enjoy our discount promotions and free shipping service.

Product specifications:
Dimensions: 30 x 30cm (11.8 x 11.8 inches)

Care instructions: Your nanofiber towels can be washed regularly in the washing machine at a temperature of 60ºC (in order to extend the service life, we recommend a maintenance level).

Color: Each pack of 5 contains 1 each (pink, blue, green, gray, orange), that is, a pack of 10 contains 2 of each color.

Material: High-quality EasyClean blend of polyester and nylon composite yarns.