Custom Pet Portraits

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Our #1 best selling pet portraits are now back in stock! Create a beautiful digital drawing of your pet and add a framed and enhanced poster whose museum-quality giclée Epson matte paper will give your design a premium finish. 20,000+ Sold!

How would you like to have a beautiful, handmade poster of your cute pet to hang in your lounge or bedroom? Or, perhaps, you are looking for a special gift for that pet lover in your life? Whatever the occasion or the recipient, a custom pet portrait can be the perfect way to treat yourself or someone you love to a true one-of-a-kind gift!

Photo ❤️

  • Your artist will spend around two hours creating your illustration and pay close attention to every detail that brings out your pets personality! 

Whether you have cat, dog, hamster or racoon, we love pets and our artists hand draw each one to create an image you will love. We have recently started offering custom two pet portraits and now offer up to four pets on one portrait if you are lucky enough to have a tribe that large!

Perfect gift for birthdays and special occasions.

Step 1: Capture The Perfect Photo
Choose your favourite photo from your camera roll and send it across. Please carefully follow the Photo Guide below. If you're still unsure send a few and we'll pick the one that will produce the best result for you! 

Step 2: Make It Personal
Let our design team know if you'd like to add a name or any other personalisation to your design. If you love a particular feature your pet has, let us know in the order notes. 

Step 3: Quality Checking
Your piece will be checked by three separate members of staff to ensure your artist has created a piece you will love. Our Paaw review process is strict and we only move to production when it has passed all of our internal checks. We ship locally from the US to ensure delivery is as speedy as possible.

Step 4: Knock Knock!
Your finished piece will be delivered to your doorstep and a member of our team will be in touch to ensure you're happy!

Pets for Prints Double Guarantee.

Pets for Prints is one of the leading brands in personalized pet portraits. We offer the highest printing quality in the market today. 

We offer UNLIMITED revisions. All customers get to preview their artwork and request any changes before printing. We'll email you once your preview is ready. 


Photo Guide

Follow the tips below when taking your pet's photo! If you aren't able to follow these steps exactly, don't worry! We have a dedicated team who check all orders and photos as they come in.

If your photo doesn't meet our criteria, we'll let you know after receiving your order, and help you choose a more suitable one!

• Close up photos work best!

• Take your photo at eye level with your pet.

• Take your photo in natural daylight and don't use flash.

• Try to get your pet to sit or stay still - make sure there's no blur.

• Make sure long floppy ears are in the photo and are not out of frame.