Cute Resin Cactus Planter

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  •  Design the girl's hairdo with any creative ideas. The Flower Planter Pot is suitable for Modern Home Decor. Perfect as a holiday gift for your friends or family who love planting plants.

  • The head acts as a holder for soil, you can use it to plant mini green plants, such as herbs, succulents, or cacti. 

  •  Face Plant Pot with Drainage Hole which has a removable rubber stopper meets your demand for directly planting a plant in the pot. Come with 4 Invisible Rubber Flower Pot Feet on the bottom of the pot. Round risers effectively drain excess water away from the Plant pot and keep the pot's surfaces away from stain. A wide Sturdy base keeps the head pot steady when you change plants, pruning, or watering plants.

  •  Made of high-quality ceramics. The plant pot is lightweight and durable to use. There are some differences between Every flowerpot by being handmade painted.

size: The opening Diameter is 4.8 inches, Bottom length is 3.6 inches. Height is 6.8 inches. (Plants are not included.)/17*12*9cm 

Weight: 1.1 lb / 0.5kg