DingFeng - KneePad

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Say goodbye to knee pain and protect them

Equip your knees with our heavy-duty DingFeng to easily perform all types of strenuous activities. It has a circular support function that can perfectly wrap around your knees, increasing safety and comfort.

Despite its highly supportive construction, DingFeng still allows larger movements so that you always stay at your best. In addition, DingFeng can also relieve your pain and swelling caused by running, hiking, jogging, etc.

Main advantage

Reliable support-  no longer hesitate when trying to dunk or play. DingFeng is everything you need to keep your knees away from pain and injury.

Breathable material-  Despite the full coverage design, KneeAid still keeps your comfort in mind. No matter your day is full of energy, its breathable material can keep you cool and comfortable.

Multi-purpose-  Whether you just enjoy daily walking or participate in extreme sports, our DingFeng can provide excellent support for your knees. In addition, DingFeng is compatible with your left and right knees, making it versatile and user-friendly.

Durable design-  This DingFeng is equipped with thick silicone pads and sturdy support bars to prevent your knees from bending during exercise. In addition, even with daily use, the strap remains strong and almost close to the body.

size chart

If you don't have the right size, please don't mind! DingFeng is very flexible!

1 Package includes:

-A pair of DingFeng-Knee pads

- Instructions