Donald Trump Talking Coffee Mug FOR DAD

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Make Dad’s Coffee Break Great Again!

Does your Dad like coffee?

Does your Dad like Trump?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions… 

… this Donald Trump talking mug & your Dad are going to be the closest of friends.

As Trump would say, “the closest ever!

Or... at least we think he would say that, don’t quote us on that.

What the Donald Trump Talking Coffee Mug for Dad says:

“I love you dad, I love you”
“You’re so handsome”
“You’re the most amazing guy”
“I have to say you’re spectacular”
“Congratulations, good job (with applause)”

  • Dad just needs to lift the mug up to hear Trump talk.
  • 5 different lines in Trump’s real voice, like really, really, real — we promise.
  • High-quality ceramic mug — this ain’t breaking anytime soon.
  • Replaceable batteries included — so it works right away.
  • Dishwasher safe — just unscrew the bottom talking part
  • On/Off switch — that way you can pretend it’s a regular coffee mug, but why would you?

    • EVERY TIME DAD LIFTS THIS FUNNY MUG, HE’LL HEAR TRUMP TALK TO HIM! — Imagine your dad’s surprise when he picks up this coffee mug and suddenly hears Donald Trump’s booming voice telling him what a great father he is! You'll have Dad in stitches as he enjoys a hot drink while listening to President Trump pump him up! Perfect Birthday gift for men. Funny Father’s Day present.
    • MAKE DAD’S COFFEE BREAK GREAT AGAIN! — This hilarious talking mug for Dad says 5 funny and feel-good lines in President Trump’s REAL VOICE! Your father will feel like a million bucks when he lifts this mug and hears Trump compliment and congratulate him for being the best Dad ever! He will be so proud of his new favorite mug (and new favorite child!)
    • HIGH-QUALITY CERAMIC MUG — These cool & funny 12 oz. novelty mugs are made of durable ceramic that is built to withstand endless cups of coffee and belly laughter. There is an ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the cup so you can turn on Trump’s Dad compliments at will. If Dad is not in the mood to be flattered, he can simply turn it off and enjoy drinking from his cool coffee mug without sound.
    • REPLACEABLE BATTERIES INCLUDED & DISHWASHER SAFE — These fun talking Dad mugs come with replaceable batteries, so he will be making anyone within hearing distance laugh out loud instantly! It's also easy to clean. Simply screw off the bottom sound mechanism and place only the mug in the dishwasher.
    • A FUNNY GAG GIFT FOR ANY OF THE DESERVING DADS IN YOUR LIFE – If you know a loving father with a good sense of humor, these Donald Trump Talking Coffee Mugs make the perfect novelty gifts. It will make them laugh and feel great every time they drink from these funny mugs. Hilarious office gift!

      Dad Will Be Super Surprised When He Lifts This Donald Trump Coffee Mug & Hears the President Personally Thank Him for Being a Great Father

      Here’s What The Trump Mug Says:

      "I love you dad, I love you"

      "You’re so handsome"

      "You’re the most amazing guy"

      "I have to say you’re spectacular"

      "Congratulations, good job (with applause)"