Drawing Figurines

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        Perfect for seasoned or aspiring:

        • Sketch artists
        • Comic/Manga artists
        • Painters
        • Story-boarders
        • Sculpturists

        Do you have a composition in your head, but can't figure out how to put it on paper (or tablet)? As artists, we often hit roadblocks when it comes to gathering anatomy reference. We rely on taking reference photos of friends, buying countless drawing books, or paying for expensive life drawing classes. Introducing the Aeternis Drawing Figurines!

        These drawing figurines make it easy to quickly capture the human body's gestures and recreate the exact pose you have in your head, saving you so much wasted time, energy, and money! You'll no longer need to endlessly scour Google for the exact reference pose you want, or have to constantly bother your friends to pose for you. Just pose them and you're all set! You can either use the posed figurine as a reference for you drawing, or snap a picture so you can zoom in on the anatomical details.

        Great for Digital Art

        Our poseable figurines are great for digital art as well! Take the photo one step further by importing it into your favorite app of choice for your study or composition!

        Go From This... To This!

        Our figurines come with a stand that supports them, allowing you to capture dynamic, gravity defying poses that wouldn't be possible otherwise. The possibilities are endless!

        No More Body Proportion Struggles

        If you struggle with drawing body proportions, you've found the perfect learning tool.

        Artists are visual learners and our poseable drawing figurines help you conquer the challenge of drawing accurate body proportions by giving you instant and easy visual references.

        Perfect Your Shading

        Use a real light source to see how the angle of shadows and highlights change as you move the light, allowing you to create even more realistic drawings and master shading without guessing where the light would fall.

        Over 30 articulated joints, making it even easier to recreate a desired pose or action. These are far superior compared to your traditional wooden figures!
        Highly realistic, articulated figures created with artists in mind.
        Realistic proportions, ideal for drawing characters and people. Stop spending money on countless drawing books and expensive life drawing classes!
        Make the figurine do any pose you imagine! Instantly create realistic poses for any drawing and bring it to life in seconds.
        Each figure comes with an extensive set of hands, weapons, gadgets and holding stand (as pictured above) to customize the poses. Perfect for any scenes and action sequences!
        Draw any possible character pose, from any possible angle!

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