DryDeck-Multi-Purpose Dish Drying Rack

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Turn Your Kitchen Sink Into Prep Central with this multipurpose roll-up dish drying rack!

No modern kitchen is complete without the multipurpose roll-up dish drying rack. The versatile and essential kitchen accessory sports a sharp look and endless uses. Set it over your kitchen sink to rinse and drip-dry fresh produce. Place it on the counter top to dry dishes.

This high quality sink draining rack not only provides a very simple and effective solution for air-dried dishes, pans, frying pans, cookware, tableware and kitchen utensils, but also can be used as a vegetable filter pot and preparation platform on the sink.

When not in use, the rack can be rolled up and quickly placed in the drawer. This rollable dish drainer will not take up space in your kitchen. It saves your space and keeps your kitchen sink area tidy. It works well and is one of the best drainers for kitchen counters.


ROLL-UP DISH DRYING RACK - Drain dishes and protect countertops with a roll-up drying rack, designed to securely fit over your sink. Perfect for kitchen accessories, produce, and more to simplify everyday chores and meal preparation.

Space Saving - When not in use, the rack can be rolled up and quickly placed in the drawer. This rollable dish drainer will not take up space in your kitchen. It saves your space and keeps your kitchen sink area tidy. It works well and is one of the best drainers for kitchen counters.

DRY DISHES INSTANTLY - Allows air flow to promote drying. Use as a trivet/drying rack for pots, pans, China, ceramic, porcelain, cloths, sponges, flatware, infant bottles, and much more. Water drips off dishes and directly into the sink. No more messy countertops or leaving items on dish towels. Great cutlery and plate organizer to separate clean from dirty dishes.

PREP FRUITS, VEGGIES, & MORE - Hold and rinse fruits and vegetables for serving or juicing, thaw frozen foods, cool baked goods, cushion hot dishes— Support stainless steel sink with cutting board for slicing food or to fill liquid containers (bottles, cups, etc.)

DE-CLUTTER COUNTERTOPS - Save valuable countertop space and avoid water stains on surface areas. Great kitchen sink organizer. Unroll above the sink for air-drying. Roll up, fold away, or tuck behind kitchen faucet when not in use.

SLEEK & DURABLE DESIGN - Made with heat resistant heavy duty silicon in a beautiful gray finish. Secure and fits most standard sized kitchen sinks.  Easy to clean.

A stainless steel, heat-safe construction makes it an excellent trivet to support hot cookware and protect your counters from blistering pots and pans. A soft BPA-free silicone coating cushions delicate dishware and is 100% food-safe.

The convenient roll-up design keeps your counters in perfect order. Available in modern grey or alluring black, the roll-up dish drying rack puts the final polish on the contemporary kitchen.