Dwarven Tavern Mug

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Live like the Vikings, and put your favorite beverage in this cool mug build by dwarves! These beautiful tavern mugs are perfect for any kind of beverage! 

A unique bar present for friends and a great addition to your fun parties or Dungeons and Dragons game! You already drink like a Viking, why shouldn't look like one? 

With a strong handle and a large capacity, these rustic wood imitation mug is a great acquisition for drinking and feasting like a Viking. The double-walled and insulated mug ensures that your drink is at the ideal temperature so you can enjoy both hot and cold brews with ease! 

VIKING - Wooden Barrel Mug


  • Double Insulated Walls - This Mug has insulated walls that allow your drink to stay at its ideal temperature so that you can enjoy your favorite drink.
  • Large Handles - The mug comes with a large handle to give an old Viking feel while also protecting your hands from the heat. 
  • Wooden Design - Designed to look like the beer mugs that were served centuries ago in taverns which allows you to go back in time. 
  • 550ml Capacity - The large capacity of this mug is perfect for you to enjoy your favorite drinks in large quantities


  • 1x Dwarven Tavern Mug