Fit Roll - Dispozitiv pentru Combaterea Celulitei

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Fit Roll- Forget flabby skin and muscle aches

Fit Roll is an innovative product that tones the skin, restores its elasticity and eliminates muscle contractions. It has 4 massage rollers that move independently and adapt to the shapes of your body to have maximum results. 

Fit Roll - Reduces Cellulite

With only 15 minutes of massage a day you will have a skin without cellulite. This massage device is non-invasive and does not cause pain . The rollers increase blood flow, and your skin will no longer look like orange peel.

Fit Roll - Relax your muscles

The long hours spent at the office in vicious positions make their mark on our muscles. Fit Roll releases muscle tension , but also pain by improving circulation and reducing inflammation. 

Fit Roll - Restores skin elasticity

Fit Roll restores skin elasticity by stimulating lymphatic drainage . The rollers together with the anatomical shape of the Fit Roll device allow in-depth massage . The result is firm, elastic skin without cellulite. 


fights cellulite

tones the skin

✅ relaxes the muscles

✅ stimulates lymphatic drainage

✅ reduces muscle pain

✅ improves blood circulation

restores skin elasticity

✅ massage deeply

✅ releases muscle tension

✅ The massage is not painful

✅ massage is not invasive

The package contains:

  • 1 Fit Roll device

  • Specifications:

    • material: ABS plastic
    • weight: 380g
    • dimensions: 25.5 x 23 cm