Flash-light Dinosaur Head Lamp

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For The Youngest Discoverers In The World!

Flash-light Dinosaur Head Lamp

flash-light dinosaur head lamp

Bright headlight and adjustable headbands

Let’s take the Flash-light Dinosaur Head Lamp with kids to discover different things in the world. 

Flash-light Dinosaur Head Lamp is designed to bright in dark with Beam angle down 45°to protect kids by lighting up the environment.

Dinosaur head lamp

Elastic and ventilation headband material provides comfortable wearing feeling and adjustable buckles make the Flash-light Dinosaur Head Lamp not just fits for kids it also fits for your whole family.

Kids wear dinosaur headlamp to do activities with parents could open their minds and learn different kind of knowledge.

Dinosaur Head-Lamp MammaMira Toys

Children love the strobe and emulation dinosaur roar sounds that makes them be the incarnation of a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.


Flash-light Dinosaur Head Lamp is perfect for:

*Read books before going to bed,
*Work out.
*Explore adventures like camping, jogging, and hiking.
*Absolutely the hit for the dinosaur party.
Flash-light  Dinosaur Head Lamp


    Loud emulation dinosaur roar sounds come from the adjustable dinosaur jaw.

    Dinosaur head lamp

    Perfect gift .. a wonderful gift for kids in festivals like Christmas, children’s day, Halloween, kindergarten graduation ceremony, etc.

    Realistic t-rex dinosaur outlook and roar increase kids curiosity of the world.

    Flash-light  Dinosaur Head Lamp

    Multiple modes :  has 3 illumination modes which are steady modes with T-Rex roars 3 times, strobing with T-Rex roars 3 times and constant strobing with dinosaur roars.

    Flash-light  Dinosaur Head Lamp

    Triple illumination mode:

    For turning on the brightness LED light and dinosaur roar sounds to click on the jaw of dinosaur.

    1. Constant illumination mode: Turn on the headlamp at the 1st time.

    2. Momentary strobe mode: Turn on the headlamp 2nd time to switch to 5 seconds strobe with 3 roar sounds.

    3. Constant strobe mode: Turn on the headlamp 3rd time to switch to constant strobe with roar sounds.




    Environmentally friendly plastic ABS.

    High elastic material with adjustable buckle.

    Package included:

    1. 3 x AAA batteries

    2. 1 x Screw driver

    3. 1 x Dinosaur Headlamp

    4. 1 x Insulation film


    Maintaining the highest brightness for 8 hours and low brightness for more than 24 hours.

    LED Light specification:

    2 length of 3 cm LED red light and 1 length of 5 cm LED white light.



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