Flawless Brush

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We know the struggle of paying $75 for a brush that can finally apply a smooth, rich layer. But $75 is not cheap, especially when you're renewing every few months. So we designed the Flawless brush. For the devout make up artists, casual fashionistas and everyone in between. It's wide design, paired with dense synthetic hair bristles apply a flawless coating - No lines. No residue. 


Sponges don't offer the precision or saturation you need for a flawless look. And your typical general store brush will never apply a seamless blend! So we decided to design a brush that could solve both of these problems while remaining affordable - The Flawless Brush. Innovated with precision tips and ultra dense bristles for deep saturation and seamless blends. The only brush that can handle powders and liquids effortlessly.


The Flawless brush is all you need for a beautiful natural look. Whether you're heading to work, school, or a night out, walk through the door with confidence.

Even Coat: Wide 65mm design allows for a flawless coat without any blemishes.

Precision Tips: For smooth eye and nose application without any lines.

Dense Bristles: 198,000+ synthetic hair bristles for a soft, residue-free experience.

Durability and Comfort

Built with a 3-D lotus shaped acrylic grip, the Flawless Brush softly glides across skin while never slipping out of your hand. Its synthetic hair bristles were handpicked and designed to apply whisper-soft strokes and leave you with velvety, smooth skin.

Nights Out Made Easy

Your typical brush takes to long to apply makeup and is inconvenient to carry in purses or bags. Flawless brush's synthetic hair bristles are absorb-resistant to decrease residue left on brush and make application a breeze. Flawless brush has a compact design to easily fit in purses, bags, or drawers. Also included (limited time) is a protective carrier case for on-the-go application or midnight touch ups.