Foosball Winner

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The best game of 2021!

Who do you want to play the new game from the United States with! It's exciting, fast and above all a fun game for young and old! A great alternative to all the video games that kids play today.

Just as exciting as a computer game and much more active. Improves coordination and reflexes.

Fantastic quality!

Made of quality wood, which gives the game an elegant and exclusive look. The balls are also made of wood and last a lifetime!


how do you play?

- Divide the balls evenly on both sides.

- Both players can shoot the ball at the same time. The goal is to clear your field. When an opponent enters your field, get rid of it too!

- The first player to clear his field won!

- Players can invent new rules themselves, be creative.



1x FOOSBALL surface

10 x bullets

Wires x 2