Glass Tea Infuser

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Love drinking tea anytime, anywhere? Wondering how you can enjoy tea from fresh tea leaves anywhere? Don't fret! Our Glass Tea Infuser is the perfect tool for you to enjoy fresh tea!

Just put your tea leaves in the infuser, pour some hot water, turn the glass bottle upside down, and in just 5 minutes you will have a fresh cup of tea! Trust us, there has never been an easier way to make tea with real tea leaves!


  • Portable Tea Maker - Now you can enjoy your favorite tea anytime, anywhere. Plus it comes with a carrying pouch to keep it safe while on the go!
  • Double-Walled Bottle -  Each bottle is double-walled to ensure durability and scratch-resistance
  • Anti-Spill Design -  Worried about turning the bottle upside down? Don't worry! It is designed to prevent spills from happening


  • 1x Glass Tea Infuser
  • 1x Travel Pouch