GlowFX-Solar Ultra Bright Motion Sensor Solar Security Light

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Use GlowFX-Solar to illuminate the dark areas around your home and improve your home safety-super easy to install, adjustable and super bright!

Illuminate the dark areas around your home, improve safety and enjoy peace of mind!  Looking for the perfect outdoor safety light for your garden, driveway, terrace or yard? Look no further! Introducing GlowFX-Solar-our new solar safety light, with the widest lighting coverage and the latest LED technology to achieve maximum brightness.

Super bright and adjustable, suitable for all outdoor areas-  our new solar safety floodlight is designed with the latest COB LED technology, making it brighter than ordinary LED lights. Unlike other safety lights on the market, they use a 360° rotatable split headlight design, so you can easily adjust them and direct the light where you need it. This separate spotlight design will surely provide you with the widest range of lighting coverage.

Can be installed in 10 minutes-no cables, no wires, no pressure! You don't need to deal with wires or hire someone to do this. Just use the included screws to install the included base bracket on any flat surface, and then slide the lamp and solar panel assembly on and you're done! All you need is a screwdriver.

Smart and sensitive motion sensor-The  GlowFX-Solar light is equipped with the most advanced infrared smart motion sensor, which can detect the slightest movement within a range of 16 feet/5 meters and turn on the light immediately. In addition, the light has an energy-saving built-in light sensor that can turn off the light during the day and activate the light only in the dark. This means you don't need to do anything or turn it on or off every day-just install it and forget it!

Waterproof, frostproof, heat-resistant and ultra-durable-  our new innovative solar safety light is designed for outdoor use and is suitable for use in all climatic conditions (the device needs at least 3-4 hours of sunlight during the day to charge upwards). It is equipped with a high-capacity 1200 (mAh) built-in battery, so when fully charged, it can provide 8 to 9 hours of lighting.

Low-cost, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting-  these amazing solar outdoor lights are powered by environmentally friendly solar energy, which makes them the most cost-effective lighting solution on the market. Once you buy them, they won't cost you a cent to run! 

What is included?

  • 1 x GlowFX-Solar super bright motion sensor solar safety light
  • The package contains two screws and a mounting bracket-you only need a screwdriver to install the device.

how to install?

  1. Screw the supplied screws into the wall plug.
  2. Install the base bracket provided with the device on the screws.
  3. Slide the lamp and solar panel onto the bracket and you're done!


      • Body material: high quality ABS
      • Light source: LED / COB LED
      • Waterproof protection grade: IP65
      • Certification: CCC, CE
      • Voltage: 6 (v)
      • Power supply: solar
      • Battery type: 23.7 (v)/1200 (mAh) high-capacity built-in lithium battery
      • Color temperature: 6000-6500k
      • Rated power: 10 (W)
      • Lighting time (when fully charged): 8-10 hours
      • Sensing distance: 10-16 ft / 3-5 (m)
      • Design: Adjustable split design