Glozor Kit

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gently removes facial hair and exfoliates skin

 Everyone has a dulling-layer of vellus hairs and deadskin on their face. Glozor removes this gunk to let your natural beauty glow.


enhances effects of skincare

 Removing the 'dull-layer' from your skin lets your skincare products penetrate deeper & become more effective.


silky-smooth makeup application 

 Say good-bye to the cakey makeup nightmare. With your fuzz and deadskin gone, your makeup will look better than ever.


helps remove acne-scars & smoothen skin tone/texture

 Shaving promotes blood-flow and new skin-cells to grow faster which smooths and evens your skin out.


collagen production and skin-tightening

 As a mild microdermabrasion it future-proofs and tightens your skin, so you stay glowing and youthful.


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