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There’s few things more enjoyable than your hair looking amazing and your curls looking luscious & professionally done, but I hate that I have to use a hot curling iron and potentially damage my hair to achieve it. Isn’t there a way to achieve professional looking curls without the damaging heat from a curling iron?

Thankfully we have the solution to your problem.

As someone who likes to be out, regularly, it’s imperative that I maintain looking fabulous for my friends, clients or family. And I’d like to be able to achieve luscious curls without possibly damaging my hair or paying lots of money at the salon. And after trying to ignore this problem it was starting to add unnecessary stress to my life.

This was starting to give me anxiety and affect my mental health, and that bothered me.

That’s why we created HoneyCurls. A solution that helps women, everywhere, achieve amazing curls without heat & for a fraction of the cost at a salon. HoneyCurls can easily have your looking like a star with barely any effort on your part. It’s truly game changing. No matter the kind of hair you have we’ve got you covered. HoneyCurls is one of a kind. With its unique design & premium silk fabric it’s able to provide you with celebrity looking hair that requires no heat and is durable enough to handle wet hair, hair spray, or overnight sleeping making HoneyCurls the perfect companion to add to your beauty routine that will have your friends asking where they can buy one too. We understand it’s a tough choice to say goodbye to damaging heat from curling irons, but you won’t regret your decision.

Get your HoneyCurls and if you don’t absolutely LOVE it, you can keep it for free. Yup, we’re that confident in our product.

Order Includes:


Hair Clip

2 Scrunchies

HoneyCurls is made from 100% silk and is very gentle on the hair. The silk will help reduce frizziness, and make your hair soft and shiny.

HoneyCurls is 34-36" long, and can be used on a variety of different hair lengths.

Our scrunchies are made from 100% satin charmeuse with a 2" diameter. They are very gentle on the hair and will not leave creases.


Why HoneyCurls  from HoneyCloud?

HoneyCurls was designed with the idea of applying no heat to your hair while still getting the same results you would if you were to put heat in your hair. It was made to keep your hair healthy and to give you beautiful waves in your hair.

How does HoneyCurls work?

HoneyCurls works best on damp hair.  HoneyCurls includes the curling ribbon, a hair clip, and scrunchies.

The hair clip is used to clip the curling ribbon to the top of your hair. Divide your hair into two sections, start on one side and wrap individual strands of hair around the ribbon as if you were curling your hair on the curling iron. You should be able to wrap all your hair on one side on the ribbon after you finish one side, do the same on the other side. Then remove the clip from the top of your head. This should take about 6 minutes in total. Leave HoneyCurls in your hair for 3-6 hours or until your hair is dry. You can also sleep with it overnight and remove HoneyCurls in the morning when you wake up.

I slept with HoneyCurls in my hair but did not get the results I was looking for. What do I do?

If you slept with HoneyCurls in and didn't get the results you were looking for, no problem. Just put HoneyCurls back in your hair for 10 minutes to an hour and your results will show up. HoneyCurls uses no heat meaning your hair is learning how to form in a new way Due to it not having heat in it, you can put it in your hair whenever you want. Just keep playing around with it and your hair will figure it out and thank you.

How do I get looser curls from HoneyCurls?

You have the power and control to create the curls you want with the amount of strength you put into wrapping your hair around HoneyCurls. If you want tight curls, wrap your hair tightly. If you want loose curlers, still wrap your hair tight, but put a little slack. We highly suggest sleeping with HoneyCurls in on wet hair, and removing it in the morning, and if the curls are too tight to your liking, brush the curls out, and then lightly wrap your hair around again. There are endless results from this! 

How do I maintain the curls from HoneyCurls?

To maintain the curls, we suggest sleeping in it again or putting it in your hair again, but this time it doesn't have to be for so long; it could be for 10 minutes to an hour or even a full night of sleep again. Due to HoneyCurls not having heat, you can put it in your hair whenever you want. 

Is this better than a curling iron?

It’s different from a curling iron. HoneyCurls applies no heat, and it is used on wet hair. A curling iron is used with heat and on dry hair. The difference is since ours uses no heat you don’t have to worry about potentially damaging your hair like you would with a curling iron.

If I sleep with HoneyCurls overnight is it comfortable?

Yes, it’s comfortable to sleep with. Your hair will stay wrapped in the ribbon because it will be tied down with the scrunchies. HoneyCurls has a silky texture and soft cushion, making it comfortable to sleep on.

What happens if it gets wet?

We use pre-washed silk and will be able to handle some water and hairspray.

Why is heat bad for your hair?

Putting a curling iron to your hair every day is not the best for your hair’s health. The curling iron damages your hair, which can cause breakage, drying, and split ends to your hair.

 Will HoneyCurls damage my hair?

It will not damage your hair. It is made out of silk which is gentle on your hair, and will help reduce frizziness. 

How long will HoneyCurls last before needing to replace?

HoneyCurls should last a while, depending on how often it is used. If it starts to look overused, it will be time for a new one!