Helio Sunset Table Lamp

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After the incredible success of the award-winning Alexis Floor Lamp, Italian Designer Fiorenzo Trentini is back with his second masterpiece - The Helio Sunset Lamp.

When Fiorenzo travelled to Santorini, it became apparent that he has found his inspiration for his next masterpiece. He stayed in Santorini for 6 months and let the beauty of the sunset soak in him. 

Within a few weeks after the launch of the Helio Sunset Lamp, it has gone viral again through Tiktok, Instagram and among celebrities. It became a first choice for many interior designers across the world. It is designed to recreate the Santorini sunset  in the comfort of our rooms with a click of a button.

The Helio Sunset Lamp is a epitome of art and technology set to optimize the ambience and mood of every room.