Joinsec-Professional Grafting Tool

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Keep your garden flourishing forever

Imagine cloning your favorite fruit trees over and over again and pruning them in seconds using only one tool. Joinsec can help you make a garden you are proud of!

The grafting job is made effortless and safe for both plants thanks to the way Joinsec makes a cut. Tape the two branches together and your operations will always be successful!


You can easily spread the vegetation you prefer or create new hybrid plants that will beautify your garden! Joinsec helps you graft with precision and guaranteed success!

Why Joinsec is for you

Manipulate evolution- Clone your trees or create hybrid plants by grafting with ease to spread the vegetation you want!

Proper plant nursing- Help your plants flourish by cutting out the dead tissues to remove the threats to their health! 

Ensure their survival- Guarantee a successful grafting job for all your plants and trees! In two clicks and a patch up the operation will be done!

Joinsec is the ultimate choice- Find how easy grafting is with the proper tool. Spread your trees or create new breeds effortlessly with Joinsec!