KREY-Holder- Automatic Fishing Bracket ROD Holder

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If you're tired of the long wait, this Automatic Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holder will keep your fishing rods in the position until a bite comes in, hands-free!

AutoKreyRod makes fishing a breeze. People everywhere are swearing by this Automatic Fishing Rod Holder that has allowed them to sit back and enjoy the view again.  

Automatic Fishing Pole Bracket Double Spring Angle Pole Fishing Rod Bracket Standard High-Quality Fishing Rod Holder.


  • This Automatic Fishing Bracket Rod Holder will allow you to save time and catch more fish than ever before.  
  • Steel material, very durable.
  • It's easy to use.
  • Two springs make the rebound strength stronger.
  • Three sensitivity adjustments, slightly sensitive, sensitive, ultra-sensitive.
  • Suitable for different weights of fish, at least more than 200g

High Impact Resistant Construction!

The AutoKreyRod™ -  Is the most stable rod holder out there. Its ergonomic design has given it a maximum tension hold of up to 110 pounds; making it a trustworthy right-hand man during your fishing escapades!

Product Type: Fish pole bracket
Material: Steel
Maximum Tension: 10kg
The package includes 1 Fishing Pole Bracket Rod Holder

Backyard Deals™ - The AutoReel® Catcher 2.0

What You Need To Know About the Krey-Holder Fishing Bracket!

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, rust-proof, strong, and abrasive. Great for bank fishing, lakes, ponds, river, and streams.
  • Stand with single spring-loaded tip-up action that sets your hook automatically.
  • The line trigger activates tip-up only when the fish hits the hook. Three grades of sensitive adjustability, fit for Catching Small or Big Fish.
  • Adapts to all fishing rods. A rubber-coated bracket prevents your fishing rod from slippage and protects your rod to avoid scratching and wear and tear.
  • Very easy to plug into the ground, extremely stable which prevents it from slipping or turning. Set your rods off the ground and wait for a bite.
  • The simple and foldable design is light-weight, easy to carry, and store after a quick setup, sit back, relax, and reel em' in! Holds up to 110 LBS!