Luminous Resin Jewelry Mixer (10g)

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 What's better than resin epoxy CRAFT?


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Bring awesome colors & glows to your resin epoxy art craft with this magical Luminous Resin Jewelry Mixer! With up to 13 colors to choose from, your resin epoxy craft will be brought to the next level!


The Luminous Resin Jewelry Mixer can be easily mixed with epoxy resin or glitters to bring a bright glowing effect into the solution! Simply follow the instruction below & you'll be able to amazed your friends & family with your new creation!

The Luminous Resin Jewelry Mixer is completely safe to human skin, it is non-toxic, non-radioactive & eco-friendly, start crafting your own luminous resin epoxy today!



  1. Prepare 5oz / 150ml of room temperature epoxy resin (Ratio of epoxy resin to mixer is 15:1)
  2. Mix the Luminous Resin Jewelry Mixer (10g) directly into the epoxy resin & stir well for 5 minutes
  3. Apply the art epoxy resin to your craft as usual & wait for 8 to 24 hours for it to be cured
  4. Expose under sunlight / UV light / house light sufficiently for it to glow brightly
  5. Done!

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  • Made of non-toxic, Non-radioactive & eco-friendly chemical compound
  • Safe to be used of any surface & mixed to any epoxy resin
  • Easily soluble in water & epoxy resin, but do not wash away after curing in the epoxy resin solution
  • Up to 13 colors to choose, can be mixed with various different color
  • Effect last up to 6 months, brightness can be recharged under sufficient exposure of sunlight / UV light


  • 1 x Luminous Resin Jewelry Mixer (10g)