Metallic Marker Pens (10PCS)

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The ideal pens to add a lustrous, elegant touch to your artwork.


The opaque metallic pens are ideal for writing and drawing on light and dark paper or card, as well as adding decorative touches.

You can create stunning effects on smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic and other materials. These high-quality markers are always ready to write without having to pump or shake them first. 


  • High Pigmentation

For opaque writing and decorating on light and dark paper as well as on smooth surfaces such as glass and mirror.

  • Long Lasting

Will not be easily wiped off smooth surfaces like glass and mirrors using a damp cloth.

  • Perfect for Calligraphy

Their robust fibre bullet tips are suitable for drawing fine lines as well as covering larger areas.

  • Easy to Use

Always ready to write. As you don’t need to pump or shake them, you can get started on your creative work right away. 

  • Entire Set

Available in 10 colours, versatile and colorful.


Color: 10


10x Metallic Marker Pens