Metallic Watercolor Painting Set

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DIY magnificent posters, cards and painting as gifts or home décor!

Metallic Watercolor Painting Set is comprised of
artist-grade watercolor with mesmerizing glimmer and metallic finishes.  

Pre-mixed with IRIDESCENT medium, the set provides a special glitter effect to highlight or fill your painting with extra glam. Ideal for shimmery and a cherry-on-top effect.

The ultra fine & purity pigment has an optimum consistency for mixing and blending. Unleash your artistic mind and creativity! DIY unique pieces to glam up your house!


  • CAPTIVATING EFFECT – Pre-mixed with shimmery iridescent medium to give pearl-like and metallic finishes.

  • ARTIST GRADE PAINT  Made of ultra fine and purity pigment, mixed with Gum Arabic and OX Grall to give these paints good transparency, good diffusion, high light fastness and high saturation when layering.

  • SMOOTH & RICH – Top quality watercolor to paint and mix pigments smoothly & effortlessly. Easy to use & mess-free.

  • QUICK DRY – Fast drying to set quickly for easy handling. Fade-resistant even with sun exposure.
  • COMPACT SIZE – Portable and travel friendly. Easy to mix and recreate unique color blends.


  • Material: Gum Arabic and OX Grall
  • Colors
    • 12 colors


  • 1 x Metallic Watercolor /12 color