Mini Basketball Equipment

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ENHANCED SKILLS DEVELOPMENT  With Dazzling Toys mini basketball game

Kids will be engulfed in hours of essential playtime, and at the same time enhances their fine fundamental skills, like basic interaction, estimation, and sensory-motor skills development.


The always thrilling little basketball game is a fantastic toy that everyone will appreciate. See how many consecutive power shots you can make, or compete in a tournament with friends and family. Playing the mini-game is simple. To give it your best shot, simply place the ball in the correct slot and slap the trigger. Reload your weapon and fire away!


Made of high-quality plastic components that can survive hours of slapping and button pushing, this toy is ideal for both boys and girls. The board fits conveniently on a desk or nightstand, allowing kids to try their hand at some fun hooping!


This package, which comes in a lovely box, makes a great present for sports fans or minor league ballers! Jr. will be completely captivated by the little game's brilliant hues. Finally, working on this Tabletop Jump Shot is a lot of fun!

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