Modern Artist Brush Bundle

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With the Modern Artist Brush Bundle, you have access to 6 Premium Procreate collections to make art that’ll surely impress.

This collection gives you a wide range of Watercolour, Gouache, Textured Brushes, Realistic Paper Effects and a lot more.

It's perfect for Artists, Designers and Illustrators that want to give their designs a more realistic look and depth.

Compatibility: You will need to have Procreate 5x version to use the brushes that are included in this bundle.

The bundle includes the following Procreate Brush Kits:

- Gouache Kit ( £20)

- Watercolour Kit  ( £20)

-Textured Liners  ( £20)

- Essential Brush Kit  ( £20)

- Dust & Dirt Brush Kit  ( £20)

- Paper Kit  ( £20)