Mr. Sleepy Sheep

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Ease Your Pups Loneliness, Fear, and Separation Anxiety 

 Transitioning puppies from their Mama and littermates can cause a lot of anxiety. (This is usually expressed in crying and whining)

No More Sleepless Nights For You Or Your Pup

  • Comforts puppies at night, so you can get back to the quality sleep you deserve.

  • Helps puppies transition to their new homes.

  • Reduces whining and barking when crate training.

  • Keeps pups calm during thunderstorms and fireworks.

Real-Feel Pulsing Heartbeat

Recreates the intimacy of their mother and littermates with a vibrating heartbeat making your puppy feel at home. The heartbeat is secured with durable Velcro.

Calm Puppy Within Minutes 

Designed with super soft material, providing extra soothing comfort.

Invest In A Companion For Your Puppy!