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 The only baby carrier you'll ever need!

Our unique baby carrier is the only one you will ever need for your baby. With a multitude of different options, it is the ultimate "all-rounder" and a must have when you are out with your baby. Regardless of whether you are just at home, shopping or even going hiking, the baby carrier is always the perfect companion.

Different ways of carrying!

As shown below, there are many ways to use the baby carrier. It can be attached wonderfully to the back or chest so that you can carry your baby as you wish. The upper and lower halves can be separated by a zipper, so you can choose between a hip belt with a stool and an ultra-light baby backpack.

Comfort for parents and baby!

Both the shoulder straps and the hip belt are filled with a soft foam to distribute the weight of your baby evenly. This prevents the material from hurting the skin even with the weight but sitting comfortably everywhere. We have also made sure that your baby is as comfortable as possible, as all areas where the baby sits are softly padded.

The seat

The insulated seat is perfect to make it easier for you to carry your baby at home. It absorbs any shock that occurs when walking and that could hurt your baby. The wide design prevents babies from suffering from bow-leggedness when they are in the carrier, and the angle ensures that children also have a good grip.


New Now

Our latest baby carrier now has even better qualities, namely plenty of storage space for bottles, cell phones, etc.! The front can also be opened for hot days to let more cool air flow to your baby.

Product dimensions

Our baby carrier comes in one size that is ideal for children from 0-36 months.