Nano Streifenfreie Wunderreinigungstücher (wiederverwendbar) 5 Stk

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Are you still worried about these things? The traces on the windows cannot be wiped, the traces on the screen cannot be wiped, the stains on the glass shell cannot be wiped, and the stains on the car windows cannot be wiped ... Then you should pay attention to our product!


- Strong water absorption: fine texture, wipe table top, water absorption and quick drying

- Cleaning is not easy, leaving marks: wipe the glass clean, dry quickly, do not leave marks and do not drain hair easily

- Reactive printing and dyeing: never fade, good decontamination effect

- Widely used: can be used with water to clean dishes or without water to clean the table


-Size: 30 * 40cm

- Color: Random

- Material: microfiber


Please allow a slight difference in size due to manual measurement.


Fish scales microfiber polishing cloth 5 pcs