Northern Lights Raven Mosaic

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All my mosaics are handmade by myself in my home studio in Fairbanks, Alaska. Each mosaic is made of beautiful stained glass mixed with acrylic. I cut/shred each piece by hand, and then put them all on the veneer liner by hand. Then grout with dark chocolate-colored cement. There is a hanger on the back of each piece, so they can be used as a mural.

Each piece is similar, but each piece is unique. No two are exactly the same. The mosaic is made of 4 inches (can be used as a magnet or wall hanging), and 6 inches, 8 inches (only used as a wall hanging).

-Item dimensions-
4”- 4” Wide X 4” High
6”- 6” Wide X 6” High
8”- 8” Wide X 8” High

All pieces range from 1 to 7 ounces in weight depending on size. Each mosaic is light and delicate so they don’t need to be hung in a stud.

I am more then happy to make specific special order colors, so please message me with special orders.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for the shipment of your order. Although some of the items are made ahead, many of them are made to order depending on color preference and size. If I have the item ordered in stock I will mail it out as soon as possible!