Pawmanity Bench Seat Cover

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Universal-Fit Bench Seat Cover 

Size: 140cm (W-from door to door) x 110cm (L-from top of seat to edge of rear seat). Dimensions exclude wrap-around front and side panel. 

Our Bench Seat Cover is the perfect choice for Dogs who share the rear seat with their human companions. It's designed specifically to protect your bench seat from fur, scratches, sandy wet dogs and of course, any mess that kids might drop too!

Stylish Design 
With its quilted design and luxurious padding, the Pawmanity Bench Seat Cover makes it easier to keep your back seat looking stylish and clean all year round.   

Heavy Duty Fabric
The durable, water and abrasion-resistant top layer, provides superior protection against accidental scratches while keeping dirt, sand and mud off your interior. 

Wrap around Protection 
A quilted wrap around panel extends down to protect around the front and sides of your seats, for additional peace of mind when your dog jumps in and out of your car. 

40/20/40 Split Compatibility
Quality YKK zippers provide 40/20/40 back split compatibility offering flexibility for a variety of situations, such as centre console, boot and/or 3rd-row access without having to remove the cover. 

Middle Seatbelt Access & ISOFIX Compatible
The zips on this cover zip upwards and disconnect at the top to allow for a middle seatbelt to pass through and the cover to be closed behind it. Velcro openings offer easy direct access to seatbelt buckles and ISOFIX latch points for child seat compatibility.

Enhanced Seatbelt Buckle Access
A combination of horizontal and vertical velcro openings offers exceptional access to seatbelt buckles positioned and or angled away from the seat-back. No more fighting to find that buckle that’s not directly under the horizontal opening! 

Transmission Tunnel aka ‘Rear Floor Hump’ Compatible 
A pleated panel at the center front ensures compatibility with rear-wheel drive vehicles that often have a transmission tunnel ‘hump’ in the floor between the centre console and the rear seat. 

Non-slip Backing & Seat Anchors 
Rubber mesh on the underside of both the seat and seat back sections provides exceptional anti-slip protection. Premium seat anchors, heavy-duty straps and YKK Buckles hold it securely in place. 

Universal Fit Convenience 
With a universal fit, there's no need to buy several covers to suit multiple cars. Swap it into another car in seconds. 

Heading out with friends and want to bring your dog along too but don't want to risk leaving fur, dirt or scratch marks all over their backseat? Just pop this cover into their car for peace of mind and everyone can join in on the adventure!