Personalised Engraved Calendar Keychain

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Everytime they look down at their keys & see this Personalised Engraved Calendar Keychain, they’ll smile & think of you.

This date keychain is so much more than any other keyring out there.

This one is handmade & engraved with a calendar marked out with a date significant to you.

It can be made for your relationship to remind you both of the day you first met, your first date, when you popped the question or even got married!

It’s also perfect for when you move into your first home together or your new baby’s birthday.

Whatever it is, those special moments deserve to be preserved forever with this calendar keyring.

Each one is made from stainless steel but is plated in 9ct gold if you decide to go for the gold or rose gold finishes.

They’re high quality & engraved to perfection – meaning they’ll look beautiful, & stay looking beautiful, forever.

  • The perfect relationship keychain for you & your partner
  • Engrave this keyring with dates that hold significance to you
  • The perfect keepsake to remember that special day forever
  • You can give this calendar keychain when it’s a special occasion or just because
  • Long lasting, hard wearing & polished finish
  • Engraving & colours that won’t fade
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Plated in 9ct gold for the gold & rose gold colours
  • Dark black engraving with the days, month & year (with a heart outline circling the day with meaning to you)

Choose the date you’d like us to engrave on your calendar above & then tell us what you’d like to engrave on the tag.

This can be the initials of you & your partner, a short (but sweet) message, it can write out exactly what your calendar keychain shows (such as ‘Our Wedding Day’, ‘Our First Date’. ‘New Home’) or leave it blank so we can engrave the handwritten ‘Love you’ that is shown in all our photos.

We will then handcraft your custom calendar keychain to perfection, making sure everything is exactly how it should be, before shipping it off!