Phone Macro Lens 75mm + Gift Ring Light

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Can be used on any smart phone.

Use a professional lens to convert your phone camera to a DSLR camera to provide spectacular visual effects.

The lens has 4 elements, and there are 8 layers of coating on the glass, which can effectively reduce the ghosting caused by lens flare and reflection.

The macro lens is 75mm and the depth of field is 0,78-2,75 inches.

With a macro lens, you can capture a life-size image of the smallest size object. For example, flowers, jewelry, coins, insects, textures, plastic surgery works, ceramic veneers, crowns, handicrafts, etc.

The ideal distance for shooting with a macro lens is about 55-75mm from the object.

If you want to take artistic and detailed photos, a macro lens is the best choice.

how to use:

The macro lens is easy to install on any smart phone. Fix the macro lens exactly on the top of the phone camera, and the lens is in front of the camera. Turn on the camera, prepare the subject, find a suitable distance, and start shooting. The result will leave a deep impression on you!

If you like taking pictures, please don't miss the unique experience of macro lens.

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