Pirate Octopus Whistle

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You would never have imagined that a whistle could become an incredible piece of art.

Animals are designers wandering in nature and give us unlimited inspiration. We combine a unique perspective with traditional craftsmanship. Creativity gives nature a newborn and decorates life with spirituality.

This time we combined the mysterious and belligerent octopus with pirate elements, showing the symbolic wisdom and courage of the octopus itself. The epileptic details bring more possibilities to this ordinary whistle. The body of the whistle is cast in brass, the hand-inlaid rudder and the fish bone around the octopus are cast in copper, and the clasp of the pendant is inlaid in bronze and silver. We use hand-painted black enamel to make the octopus’s eye look even more realistic. On top of that, we used a whole piece of silver to make the mouth of the whistle, which makes the design look even more impressive. For us, this whistle is not just a gadget, but a unique artwork worth collecting and a fun item to present to your friends!


Material: brass,copper,925 sterling silver,

Width: 0.85 inches / 21.7 mm

Height :2.81 inches / 71.4 mm

Weight: 1.2 ounces / 34 g