Portaflixx Pocket Projector 2.0

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Enjoy the immersive experience of movies and games at home!

Whether you  are watching a great little movie with your loved ones or just playing some games on a larger immersive screen, you may want to check out our new Portaflixx Pocket Projector 2.0!

Compatible with all your devices (simple 3-step setup)

You don't need to be tech-savvy to operate one of them. Just follow the steps below. 

step 1

Use the AC power adapter (included in the box) or your portable power bank to power it.

Step 2 

Plug the HDMI cable into your device and Portaflixx Pocket Projector 2.0

Step 3

Grab some popcorn and start watching/playing your favorite movie/game!

Your own personal projector will not break the bank!

On average, the price of a projector ranges from US$270 to US$1500 . You might ask yourself— "At this price, I would rather buy something like a 4k TV!"

We took this into consideration and priced our Portaflixx Pocket Projector 2.0 at  only $99.99 so that anyone can buy it!

Due to the global situation leading to a slowdown in our production, inventories are "very limited."

Watch your favorite content anytime, anywhere!

The size of Portaflixx Pocket Projector 2.0 is not far from your smartphone, so you can take it wherever you want!

它是如此便携和轻巧, 您几乎不会注意到随身携带的东西只需放在背包中即可投射10-60 英寸的内容!



明亮而充满活力- 600 流明、准确的色彩和丰富的对比度。

真正的剧院体验(屏幕比例 4:3)

小巧便携- 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 英寸(12.7 x 8.6 x 4.6 厘米),仅重 6 盎司(170 克)。

支持高达1670 万色

投影距离- 0.8-2M(以获得最佳性能)

NeverDieLamp - 30,000 小时的灯泡寿命


适用于任何设备- Amazon fire Stick、Chromecast、HDMI、USB、AV 线、3.5 毫米插孔、Micro SD、TF 卡连接(HDMI 线单独出售)


*免责声明,如果您想将它与智能手机一起使用,您将需要一个 HDMI 适配器(在亚马逊等地方很容易找到)




  • PortaFlixx 袖珍投影仪
  • 电源适配器
  • 3.5mm 转 RCA AV 线(不含 HDMI 线)
  • 遥控
  • User manual