Premium 140-Piece Diamond Painting Toolkit

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140-Piece Premium Diamond Painting Toolkit

Want larger diamond trays? Need more pens? How about some containers to organize all your diamonds? This premium set has it ALL!

What's Included? Everything You Could Have Ever Wanted In A Kit!

  • 1x Jumbo Pink Toolbox: Used to store all of your items! Robust, roomy, and super durable.
  • 15x Storage Containers: Secure your diamonds and avoid spills using the included 15x sealable storage containers
  • 4x Standard Diamond Pens With Cushions: Who doesn't need a spare pen (or 3)? Each pen features a little rubber cushion to help with grip.
  • 50x Wax Pads: Never run out of wax ever again! 50x little pads included in each order.
  • 2x Plastic Clamps: Keep your canvas secured to the table you're working on!
  • 2x Tweezers: Used as an alternative to the diamond pens. You do you!
  • 1x Light-Up Tip Diamond Pen: Featuring a cute little character at one end and a little light that activates when pushed on the other, this delightful little tool will help you better see where you're placing diamonds.
  • 20x Ziploc Bags: Keep diamonds sorted and organized for later use.
  • 120x Numbered Stickers: Receive 3x sets of stickers (2x that go from 1-50, and 2x that go from 1-20). Keep your diamonds nice and labeled!



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