Premium Quality Universal Sofa Covers

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Refresh your living room with our Premium Quality Universal Sofa Covers! 

Purchasing new furniture can get really expensive and most furniture made today isn't made with the same high quality of previous years. These sofa covers will transform any old, worn-out couch into a stunning centerpiece of your living space. 

If you find yourself spending a lot of time at home and want to find the best way to liven up your living room, there is no better choice than a set of new sofa covers to transform your living space

Our Premium Quality Universal Sofa Covers are great for even newer sofas as they can protect your beautiful furniture and extend the life of your sofa while also completely transforming the look of your living room. 

Quick and Easy Install

Premium Quality and Design - We've designed these sofa covers with the highest quality stretchy fabric ensuring we can extend the life of your couch and guarantee it to fit on 99.99% of couches. The fabric is extremely durable and it is super comfy and soft to the touch. The straps near the base of the cover make for a simple and quick install and keep the cover from shifting. The elastic anti-wrinkle fabric is guaranteed to not shift or wrinkle!

Protects Your Furniture From Your Pets!

Universal Fit - Our covers are one-size-fits-most: 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater, 4-seater, L-shaped/sectional (combining 2-3 separate pcs covers). 

Secure and Sturdy - The secret to the sturdy design of our Premium Quality Universal Sofa Covers is the use of both foam rolls pushing the cover down and under the sofa tucking it securely and ties underneath that secure it from shifting. These covers are so secure that you'll soon forget they're there!

Polyester Spandex Blend Means Water Beads Right Off

Durable - This high-quality stretchy cover not only changes the look of your living space but also protects your furniture from spills and other damage to your sofa. Pet owners can seriously extend the life of their furniture with the use of our covers.

Machine Washable - Easily remove your cover and simply throw it in the washing machine for a quick freshening of your covers.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Sofa

The distance between the two ends of the 1-seater sofa is 90-140CM or 35-55 Inches.

The distance between the two ends of the 2-seater sofa is 141-180CM or 56-71 Inches.


The distance between the two ends of the 3-seater sofa is 181-235CM or 72-93 Inch.

The distance between the two ends of the 4-seater sofa is 236-300CM or 94-118 Inches.

L-Shaped Or Sectional Or Corner Sofa

L Shaped Sofas will require (2) separate covers. You will either need a 2 Seater Cover AND a 3 Seater Cover OR a 3 Seater Cover AND an 4 Seater Cover depending on the size of your sofa. 

Please use the diagram above to determine which covers will fit your L shaped Sofa.

When measuring, please be sure to include the vertical distances of the armrest and couch in your measurement to ensure fitment. 

Ordering a size up is recommended if you are unsure about sizing. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for help :)

 Installing Your Premium Quality Universal Sofa Covers

What You Get

1 x Premium Quality Universal Sofa Cover (Pillow Cases Sold Separately)