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Are you worried about excessive hair loss or white hair ? If your beauty suffers, and the salon procedures cost you too much, the perfect solution for you is Max Hair Hair Coloring Powder .

This powder is specially designed to refill and contour the spaces where the hair is missing. It is also perfect for coloring gray hair without chemically damaging the hair.


Why do we recommend it?

The formula based on rose extract and vitamin E protects the hair and gives a feeling of fine, silky and dense hair throughout the day.

Also, the hair coloring powder is waterproof , so you don't have to worry about transfer or sweating. It will last until you decide to remove it. 


You can choose the right shade of pigment for a 100% natural look and shiny hair whenever you want.

And to be always with you, we have created the small container so that you can transport it wherever you need.



Max Hair coloring powder can be used on any area of ​​the scalp where there is a deficiency / lack of hair, but it can also be used for the forehead area in order to beautify and restore the appearance of thickening hair.



Product specifications:


- The product can be used by both men and women
- No contraindications or side effects
- Contains: Natural Keratin Hair Fiber
- Durability: 4 years after opening the box
- Net Weight: 4 Grams